Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Power of Moms (and Me and You)

Well....hi....?  How is it that everything that seems appropriate to say at this moment also seems a little understated? Its been two and a half years? None of you got the incredibly witty weekly posts? Huh. That's weird. Okay, well truthfully, I guess I fell off the blogging wagon pretty hard, didnt I? Oops.

Well, the good news is that I was pushed back on that blogging wagon by a woman named April Perry. Now at the risk of sounding stalkerish I will tell you that I dont really know April. I met her once, and I have emailed her a couple of times. But it isnt like we know each other's birthdays or chat on the phone.The reason she is so inspirational to me is her ability to take dreams and passion, and build them to be a reality bit by bit. April was just an ordinary person, a new mom who was determined to excel at her new motherhood career, despite and maybe even because of the lack luster and loneliness she initially felt about mothering. Long story short, she decided to start an organization called Power of Moms.  She and Saren Loosli (who I am sure is equally amazing) have built this amazing organization using their own funds, freetime, and thoughtfulness. It started as a dream and now reaches over 1 million mothers worldwide.  You can read her story in her words here.  April is such a down to earth, sweet and soft spoken person. But who she is is powerful. And her words are powerful. 

Hi, I'm April.  Welcome!

I love Power of Moms. I just cannot stop talking about it because I feel empowered. The principles of mothering that Power of Moms is organized around are simple and profound, but the specifics of it are saved for another day and another post. This post is about the concept that I can have a voice. I can make a difference. I dont know about you guys, but sometimes I am just plain scared and insecure about using my voice and putting myself out there, whether it be in my blog, my conversations, or what-not. April is a living demonstration of how positive and powerful dreams can come true, just by being brave enough to try and keep trying. 

I  have tried to write my book for almost three years now. And by tried, I mean mostly feel a deep desire and need to share my story, and then feel overwhelmed and unsure as to how to begin. And it isnt like even now I feel like I could just whip up my story during the next nap time or even next year. But I do know that I can keep building bit by bit. Power isnt always the short, strong bursts of energy that I often think of. Consistent and deliberate effort can be just as powerful as the frantic sprint. 

Do you have a wish or a dream, something that you feel drawn to do but feel incapable or unsure? What do you do to feel empowered and inspired? 


  1. Jessee, I am so PROUD of you for using your voice! Thank you for all your kind words. Yes, it's bit by bit by bit, and over the course of our lives (while being magnified by a higher power), we're going to create something AMAZING. I want to buy your book. Let me know when it's ready!

  2. I had forgotten that your blog was on my RSS feed until this post popped up. I hope you guys are doing well -- your little girl looks super cute. Thanks for sharing the Power of Moms. I hadn't heard of it, but I linked there from your blog, and I'm sure I will make many return visits. And yes, you definitely need to write that book! I'm sure there are many more moms who would be inspired by you! -- Jolyn Keck

  3. And Jessee, I know you haven't officially joined our board, but if you are free Friday night and want to join us for our Park City Board meeting, email me, okay?