Thursday, June 24, 2010


This post is indulgent, really. There is no need to read further because I will only be displaying (rather proudly, that is) my somewhat recent handiwork. How fun it is to create stuff!!!

First off: The Ava Pillows

I wanted to give a very memorable Mother's Day gift to my dear mothers. Wade thought of making pillows, and I thought of making those pillows out of Ava's clothes. We used two preemie onesies, one small flannel swaddling blanket and one burp cloth.

I love to make things, but am sadly deficient in skills. Thus, I broke two sewing needles, jammed the poor sewing machine countless times, and broke my resolution to avoid bad words more times than I care to remember.

Happily, the result was very worth the frustration. I cant help but smile everytime I see one, or see a picture of one. I put one of Ava's headbands around the pillow with a hairbow attached, just to top it off. I love that they are about her same size, and the sweetness and simplicity of them also remind me of her.
One of these days I am going to make one for myself.

And then, The Grandma Clock

I am going to be giving away a lot of these clocks for presents. (So don't be surprised when you get one! Just be sure to tell me the colors of the room you want it for!) I love that they are customizable for any decor, and for any person. (I also love the fact that these clocks are less than $5 at Wal-mart.) All we did was get scrapbook paper, then cut and layer until satisfied. Easy-peasy.


  1. So cute! I just showed Emma and Tess and we are all very impressed with your mad skills and creativity. Love ya.

  2. Super impressed.... Those pillows are SO cute!!!!

  3. so cute! Thanks for sharing. I love to see people's projects. The pillows are beautiful!!