Friday, November 13, 2009

Bath Time!

oh my goodness...I just wrote this ridiculously long post, and then I lost it...this is stupid. Well, I will now give you the reader's digest version, which you would have probably preferred anyways.
So Mom and I were giving Ava a bath on Thursday when Dad surprised us by stopping by as well. It was a regular party! So Dad became the photographer, Mom the official baby holder, and I washed her as quickly as I could because she sometimes has little patience for anything that does not involve food, her binki, or snuggling. Looking at the pictures, I am always surprised at how little she is. When I am holding her she doesnt seem that small, but in pictures or when she is held by someone else, I am reminded at how tiny she is. So yes, that is her we are washing, not a toy doll. And I am an amateur, so sorry about the sideways pictures and the subsequent crick in your neck...

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