Friday, November 13, 2009

Progress at Last

Look at me go...i am a blogging machine tonight! I wanted to let everyone know how well Ava is doing, and how thankful we are for everyone's prayers and fasting. So she is now at 4lbs 4 oz, and is eating 70% of her food orally. The fortifier that we add to the breastmilk in order to bulk up her calories was changed, and I guess it tasted pretty nasty, cause she refused to eat it. She needed the nasty stuff though, cause it really helped her diarrhea situation, and consequently her sore bum rash situation. But she is now changed back to a more palatable fortifier, and is doing great.

The doctors even started talking today about our plan to go is really coming. I am guessing it will be within the week.

Also, the geneticist spoke to us today, and, as we expected, he is having a difficult time diagnosing her. The best indicators for syndromes become more apparent as children develop, so really this will be a discovery process, and we probably will not have answers for months or even years. But she will have another eye exam and a hearing exam very soon, so that will be helpful to us as we prepare for life at home. You can see her little eye open in the pictures, and she is doing a lot better trying to open the other eye. She really is looking great, and is becoming more and more alert and active. She makes me laugh all the time, and has such a big personality for such a little girl.

She is also acquiring quite the fan club--nurses come all the time just to say hello and to check up on her, even when they arent working! it is so cute to see...I bet they have parties at night, cause sometimes she is so tired and dirty, I cant imagine what she has been doing! but I am glad that she is having more of a social life than I am!


  1. You guys look so beautiful holding her especially Jesse you look great! I’m so glad she is moving forward and release date is in the future. She is looking so good and I am so excited she is doing so well! While you are watching Monk I am reading your blog while Beck eats so thanks for the updates and entertainmen!

  2. Jessa,
    You guys all look great! Send my hello's to Wadey and give kisses to that beautiful little girl. Whenever you have a day free, I am seriously bored...all the time. I will quickly come up and entertain you - or serve you. Whatever necessary.
    I miss you guys lots and you are ALWAYS in my prayers. Your faith is inspiring and Ava's strength is phenomenal.
    How I have learned and grown from your faithful example through this trial. I love love LOVE you guys!


  3. She is so sweet! I hope you get to take her home soon. We'll continue the prayers!!

  4. You guys look fantastic. Jessee does not even look like she had a baby! Avalee looks like she is doing well and I am so happy that your NICU journey will be coming to an end. You may not believe it now, but you will miss it. Having the staff there as a back up is something that parents rely on so get a few phone numbers of nurses you can call for advice. Please let me know if there is anything that I can do for you and know that you all are in our thoughts and prayers!!
    Here is a big HUG for you :)

  5. I am glad that you sent me your blog address. SHe is so cute. I think that she looks big but I have no idea. I am so excited for your family and gettting to come home. Just remember ever though we live a few miles away buy the time you are home we are still neighbors and want to be a part of Ava's and you 2's life.

  6. I am so happy you ALL are doing so well! She is getting to be such a cutie! Let me know what I can do for you!

  7. Hey jesse its krystal marks from the ward. Im so glad to hear about the progress with Ava she is so cute and so tiny. We want to come visit for just a bit to see what we can do to help and to just say hi. Hope the progress continues.

  8. Jesse! This is Nicole from Maple Lake. I found your blog! Your little girl is beautiful! You look great! I'm sorry things have been so hard. I'm glad it seems like she's doing better. I would love to hear from you!